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I have met a business owner in Bahrain who decided to spend tens of thousands of dinars on machinery for his new business, and yet will struggle to spend anything on the new and good business logo to attract and entice his customers.

I sometimes imagine this would be the kind of person who spends all his money on his underwear, and walks out wearing a torn shirt and broken shoes.

I am not implying that the logo or brand is the only thing that matters, substance definitely matters the most, however, think of a logo as your clothes, if you are going to a job interview, it will certainly help to wear a suit, and if you are going for a swim in the sea, it certainly helps to wear a bathing suit. Knowing how to swim (substance) is more important than the bathing suit, but the suit makes swimming much much better. The same is the case with the logo and brand, it makes your business so much better!

So you might be thinking, how much should you spend on a logo; and this is a difficult question to answer. The market price for branding and logo design in Bahrain varies drastically, some fancy marketing agency might quote you BD 20,000 and some freelancer might tell you BD 5! But what kind of brand would that be. The average for a full brand with guideline and collaterals is between 500 BD to 3000 BD depending on the project and the agency’s reputation and experience; logos being 150-1500 depending on the agency’s reputation and logo requirements.

Imagine with me your car please; all cars will take you from point A to point B; why did you choose your car in particular? You could have bought a more expensive car, and you could have also bought a cheaper car. Think about your brand and logo in the same way. I personally would never get the cheapest car, or the most expensive for that matter, and will try to choose an agency that offers a lot of value.