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It is funny how the things that scare us the most are also the things that cling to our memories the most. This is because we learn from our fears and that is how our brains help us not repeat those mistakes. Let us say you burn your hand on the stove, you will never forget that memory, and in that way your brain taught you a lesson. Sneaky brain.


It is all good and dory when it comes to mistakes, but what about positive experiences that scare us? Roller coasters, bungee jumping, moving to a new country, or proposing to your loved partner. All these experiences send chills to our bones -at least for most of us- yet those same experiences are the pillars in the structures of our brains.


So, if our most valuable experiences are those that scare us the most, then why should we shy away from fear? I say we should embrace it, no, in fact seek it, go for it, try our best to find it in the midst of our daily lives and in our sketches and designs.


When it comes to design, it is no different than with life. The best designs are those that scare us, that push us out of our comfort zones, the ones that are evocative, weird and unconventional. The best designs are those that we fear might go bad, but do not, like a good fear-filled memory, but, in a good way.


During your next design project, remember that scary is good, and you will create something truly unique.


Hasan Sahwan

General Manager
WCM Agency


Hasan Sahwan, the founder behind WCM Agency, boasts over fifteen years of expertise in marketing, branding, and strategy. A Curtin University graduate, class of 2009, Hasan honed his skills across diverse marketing roles in automotive and media sectors. Outside work, he indulges in historical literature and outdoor exploration.